My commitment with artistic creation consists of observing the world, nature and myself, finding small details and highlighting them, reflecting and presenting ideas through the production itself. I work with different materials, modifying and transforming them until they acquire meaning, strength and sentimental charge; until they manage to communicate what I mean to say. I think that a work should be a friendly object, which we make an accomplice, that expresses us or questions us with its mere presence.


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“Emptiness is the only volume that can be experienced.”
Jorge Oteiza

The limit of a space has the shape of its boundaries. I start by exploring the gaps inside and on the human body. The hollow places that inhabit inside of us, and those hollow places where we inhabit. These places are physical spaces but sometimes they turn into emotions, they turn into feelings.  My search is about those places.

I intend that somehow these hollow places can be filled, and be accompanied. I look for emptiness and hollowness in myself, in my body so that somehow I can fill those gaps, embrace them.

Having them filled with clay I manage to make them tangible. I achieve to see them in their exact magnitude and pure form, which were so far intangibles.

I examine them in every angle and position. I wear them, I feel them, I love them, I hate them, and sometimes they hurt. I want to talk about myself through the absence, through that senseless clay mass that it has become.

There are many kinds of emptiness. The ones that can be seen, others that can only be felt, some that can be thought about. Now I can discover those that can be materialized. I can finally place an eye on them, play with them and transform them. I can tear them off.  I can question them and then leave them in their place. But where is their place? Does emptiness have a place? Emptiness is a place itself. It is a place where there is nothing; it is an empty place.
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