Mi compromiso con la creación artística consiste en observar el mundo, la naturaleza y a mi misma, en encontrar pequeños detalles y resaltarlos, en la reflexión y el planteamiento de ideas mediante la producción misma. Trabajo con diferentes materiales modificándolos y transformándolos hasta que adquieren sentido, fuerza y carga sentimental; hasta que logran comunicar eso que quiero decir. Pienso que una obra debe ser un objeto amigo, al que hacemos cómplice, que nos expresa o nos cuestiona con su mera presencia.


Song for Refugee

These pieces are inspired by the music of empty houses. On the empty shells that let us hear the songs of the sea inside, but, that house has to be empty, to hear it. I think about people who had to leave their homes to save themselves, leave them with the minimum possible without knowing where or for how long. I think of those houses, those remnants of homes, and the people who once inhabited them.
I will like to pay attention on the  people who need it the most, I would like that all of us put attention there, that this pieces are a pretext to generate a feeling of love that reaches the refugee camps of the world, a brotherly hug that somehow comforts them and makes them feel accompanied.
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