My commitment with artistic creation consists of observing the world, nature and myself, finding small details and highlighting them, reflecting and presenting ideas through the production itself. I work with different materials, modifying and transforming them until they acquire meaning, strength and sentimental charge; until they manage to communicate what I mean to say. I think that a work should be a friendly object, which we make an accomplice, that expresses us or questions us with its mere presence.


"Invisible Anatomy" collection was created during an extreme climate change context caused by actions of man on our planet. It was born specifically as s response to recent fires, intentionally caused at the beginning and subsequently barley controlled in the Amazon, Africa and Siberia. It emerges as a reflection of this current situation in Mai Solorzano´s own invisible anatomy. 
"Anatomy of a sight and 500 tears" ,
"Anatomy for a hope (break if necessary)"
"Container of hope". Its a series of three different organic shaped necklaces. Each one including a carved piece of wood from which they took their shape during their making; the "soul". With our soul in our hands we may notice that its made of natural materials.. just as we are.
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