Exhibition “La Frontera: Encounters Along the Border” MAD museum NY, USA. March 2018
Exhibition “Rojo y negro” La Galeller, Sevilla, Spain. March 2018, Lalabeyu, Madrid, Spain May 2018, Gallerie Caractere, Newchatel, Switzerland, Septembrer 2018, Galerie Beeld and Ambeeld, Enschende Holand, November 2018, Galeria Context, Barcelona España, February 2019, Galerie Cebra, Dusseldorf, Germany,  April 2019.
Exhibition “Jewelry and Music” Tincal Lab, Porto, Portugal. November 2017
Exhibition “Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial” Beijing Institute of Fashion and Technology, Beijijng, China November 2017
Exhibition “Primera bienal de Joyería Contemporánea” José Hendez Museum, Argentina, October 2016
“Sello del buen diseño argentino” Award by the Production Minitery of the Argentinean Nation 2016
Conference “Entre Lineas” on the Primera Bienal de Joyeria Contemporanea de Latinoamerica José Hendez Museum, Argentina, October 2016
Exhibition “Puro Dieño 2016” with MALBA shop, at La Rural, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jun 2016
Exhibition “Somos lo que Hacemos” La Casa de al lado Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 2016
Exhibition “Auzgezeichnet! Most excellent” Wasserschlob Klaffenbach, Chemnitz, Germany, October 2016
Exhibition “Sutileza” Jose Hernandez Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 2015
Exhibition “Joya Barcelona” Barcelona, Spain, October 2015
Exhibition “Borders”  Sztuki/The Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland, May 2015
Exhibition “Emprentes”  Alliages gallery, L´ille, France, February 2015
Exhibition “Beyond textile” Context Gallery Barcelona, February 2015, Cebra Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany. May. Help u Zelven Gallery, Winterswijk, Holand. April. Centro Cultural Español, Ultrecht, Holand. September. Lalabeyou Gallery, Madrid, Spain, September 2014
Conference “The contemporary jeweler work today” at the Latin American Enconter of Design, Palermo University, Buenos Aires, Argentina. July 2014
Exhibition “La frontera” Frans Mayer Museum, México City, June 2013, Velvet da Vinci Gallery, Sn. Francisco, US Julay 2013, Center of Contemporary Crafts, Houston U.S. May 2014
Participation on intervention “Macula” at Schmuk, Munich, Germany 2014
Exhibition “Suspended in Green”  V&V gallery Viena, Ostrich, Gaby Green Studio, Munich Germany and Craze Gallery London, UK. 2014
Exhibition “Artificios, Plata y Diseño en México 1880-2012” Culture Palace, México City, November 2012, Amparo Museum, Puebla, December 2013, Centro Nacional de las Artes, Etla, Oaxaca, México. March 2014
Exhibition “La court des miracles”  Alliages gallery, L´ille, France, December 2013
Exhibition “2013 Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial Beijing Institute of Fashion and Technology, Beijijng, China September 2013
Individual exhibit “Chi h2o”  presentation at La Madii, Buenos Aires, Argentina August 2013
Exhibition “Tema Pendiente” Centro Cultural Español, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 2013
Exhibition “Entre lo visible y lo Invisible” Núcleo Gallery, Rosario, Argentina. September 2013
Individual Exhibition “CHI H2O” La Madii. Buenos Aires, Argentina. August 2013
Exhibition “Time” Arte y Parte Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina. September 2013
Exhibition “Cada loco con su tema”  Jose Hernandez Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina October 2012
Exhibition “Sexy” at Corener Gallery. Legnica Poland, May 2011, Gold Silver Time Fair, Varsovia, Polonia September 2011. City Gallery BWA Leszno, Polonia December 2011, Inhorgenta Fair, Munich, Germany February 2012. Amberif Fair, Gdansk, Poland March 2012. Otwarta Gallery, Sandomierz, Poland April 2012. N Galler, Jablonec nad  Nisou, Czech Republic.
Exhibition “If Adelita gets whit the jewels” Lace Regional Museum, México 2010, Mexico City Bankers Club September 2011 and MAP Museum (Popular Art Museum) Mexico City February 2012.
Conference “What is the contemprary jewelry” UNAM, National Autonomal Mexican University. México City. September 2011 and at Latin American Enconter of Design, Palermo University, Buenos Aires, Argentina. July 2011
Bock Publication “Earrings” by Nicolas Estrada, Promopres 2011

Exhibition “The Kiss” Green Lyon Gallery, Mississipi, USA. September 2011

Individual Exhibition “Sadows” at Ismos gallery, México City. September 2011
Participation on “Fashion Green” fashion show México City, June 2011
Finalist on "Origomu" contest, N.Y.  US. 2011
Semifinalist on Precioza Young contest 2011. Florence, Italy
Exhibition “Holowina,” Corner Gallery, Poland 2010
Indibidual Exhibition Jewelry  “Iridiscencias,” Pladi Galery, Mexico City 2010
Exhibition “Que nos une” Salón de exposiciones corporación Buenos Aires sur. Argentina. October 2010
Exhibition “que sepa coser, que sepa bordar, que sepa abrir la puerta para ir a jugar” Arte y Parte Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina. April 2010
Exhibition “Caleidoscopio,” Pladi Galery , Mexico City 2010
Honorable Mention and Exhibition "Enigma" Popular Art Museum José Hernández, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2009
First prize in Graphic Design of Name and Label for wine of Finca Fraternidad, México 2009
Exhibition "Liquid Love" 2006, "The Game" 2007 and "Myth-Rite", MALBA store Museum, 2008 Buenos Aires Argentina.
First price of Storage Modules Furnish Design for Kibuc, Spain 2005
Creativity Mention at P.O.P. “Sabritas,” Mexico, 2004
Exhibition Object Design  Fair, Frankfort, Germany 2003
© María Sólorzano / Contemporay Jewelry
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