My commitment with artistic creation consists of observing the world, nature and myself, finding small details and highlighting them, reflecting and presenting ideas through the production itself. I work with different materials, modifying and transforming them until they acquire meaning, strength and sentimental charge; until they manage to communicate what I mean to say. I think that a work should be a friendly object, which we make an accomplice, that expresses us or questions us with its mere presence.


The “Holy Cure” collection
Arises from the very same sentence as comfort to everyday illnesses and diseases which most of the times are nothing else but personal inventions that cloud our vision and won’t allow us to enjoy positive things and details of everyday life. We live in a society that promotes not being well as norm, it is the constant complaints by stress, heartbreak, frustration, emptiness, anxiety, and so on. Our society promotes a series of external factors, immediate actions as a palliative to the situation, such as consumerism, officially accepted drugs, temporary and hallow relationships, etc.
The answer is to face our reality, take action ..and holy cure!

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