My commitment with artistic creation consists of observing the world, nature and myself, finding small details and highlighting them, reflecting and presenting ideas through the production itself. I work with different materials, modifying and transforming them until they acquire meaning, strength and sentimental charge; until they manage to communicate what I mean to say. I think that a work should be a friendly object, which we make an accomplice, that expresses us or questions us with its mere presence.


“Simbiosis” small ring
symbiosis: Wikipedia defines it as a close and often long-term interaction between different biological species. The species involved are called symbionts. It’s a living together of two dissimilar organisms, usually in close association, and usually with beneficial effects for at least one of them. Any relationship between individuals of different species where both individuals derive a benefit is called mutualism. Planet earth is our home and livelihood, so we humans can live in mutualism.
alpaca pieces, wood and live plants. 
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