Mi compromiso con la creación artística consiste en observar el mundo, la naturaleza y a mi misma, en encontrar pequeños detalles y resaltarlos, en la reflexión y el planteamiento de ideas mediante la producción misma. Trabajo con diferentes materiales modificándolos y transformándolos hasta que adquieren sentido, fuerza y carga sentimental; hasta que logran comunicar eso que quiero decir. Pienso que una obra debe ser un objeto amigo, al que hacemos cómplice, que nos expresa o nos cuestiona con su mera presencia.


The jewelry line chi H2O is looking to return back to the basics of human being, its essence and personal exploration, the natural elements that do not understand fashion, the commerce or design without a sense of transcendence. The Tao teaches that there are three levels: Physical or Jing corresponds to the essence of life and the fluids circulating through our body. Mental or Shen is the spirit of life, mental faculties, rational thought, intuition, spirit, attention and ego. And Energy or Chi is the life energy, air, spirit, the life force that enlivens all life forms in the universe. It is „vital flow of energy that impregnates everything", the sum of all the energies of the cosmos, gravity, magnetism, electricity, radio waves, solar and bionics. Taking inspiration from Masaru Emoto's study on the influence of the vibrations of energy or intention (feeling) in the physical form of the water molecules to be crystallized , CHI H2O, is based on the images of these molecules loaded with different intentions, love, joy, peace, harmony, fortune and truth. As the planet Earth, like the humans consist of 75 % water, the forms of the jewels look naturally harmonized with the body fluids and tuned into the vibrations captured in water crystals exposed to these intentions , emotions or words.

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